Call for Abstracts

Climate Futures Workshop 2021

Asynchronous / Online / June 16-30


Climate Solutions, Money, and Politics


March 31


We invite problem-driven, practically-minded researchers from any discipline to submit a 300-500 word abstract describing a work-in progress presentation (15-20 minute video or 2,500-3,500 word written text). Work should be on the theme of climate solutions, money, and politics.

We especially encourage submissions by people from geographic, demographic, and disciplinary groups that are traditionally underrepresented in climate policy discussions.

Criteria for selection

Thematic fit, novelty, interdisciplinary potential, practicality/policy-relevance, balance among presentations.

Submit your abstract for blind review via the form here.


All solutions to climate change—whether mitigation, adaptation, or compensation—play out against a backdrop of domestic and global financial, economic, and political systems. Proposed climate solutions raise issues of justice as well as politics and finance. The complex interplay of these issues calls for conversation and collaboration across disciplinary boundaries.

Visions of a Just Transition, a Green New Deal, or a Green Recovery from COVID-19 have captivated imaginations: but to what extent should responses to climate change be intertwined with radical social, economic, or political transformation? Fossil fuel companies facing asset stranding have obstructed climate solutions: but do they hold the key to developing carbon dioxide removal technologies? Renewable energy remains generally capital-intensive: how can we incentivise breakthrough innovations? Future generations will benefit significantly from action on climate change today: should we “borrow from the future” to fund a clean energy transition?

Facilitating conversations addressing such questions is the aim of this year's Climate Futures Workshop.

We outline some other possible questions below:



Submit your abstract for blind review via the form here.


The workshop will roughly follow the format of the Climate Futures Workshop 2020 (Bridging Gaps). Presentations (text or video) will be hosted on a members-only website, and discussion of presentations will unfold asynchronously in an online forum on that website. Those able to view and comment on the presentations will be other presenters and select guests invited at the request of authors or organisers.

To mirror an in-person workshop, we expect that presenters will:

  1. read and comment in the forum on at least five other presentations during the fourteen-day workshop period, and
  2. respond to comments on their own work at some point during the workshop.

There will be at least two opportunities for synchronous online interaction during the workshop, with consideration given to a range of time zones.


More will be added once the final program is confirmed.


Abstracts accepted until: March 31

Presentations due: June 12

Online workshop period: June 16-30


The Climate Futures Workshop 2021 is sponsored by the Climate Futures Initiative, the High Meadows Environmental Institute, and the Center for Human Values at Princeton University.

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Advisory Committee

Contact Ewan Kingston ( with any questions.